The Windows


The windows opened to a beautiful courtyard garden surrounded by windows into other people’s flats. The cherry blossoms were blooming, and the wonderful fragrance wafted into the bedroom. Yellow rays of morning sunshine kissed the blanket, warming it. Most nights I slept with the windows wide open, allowing the breeze of the evening air to lull me to sleep.

The windows were so seldom closed that I never bothered with hanging blinds or curtains. It wasn’t intentional at first, but I realized that I found the exposure into my little boudoir kind of thrilling. I guess I’ve always had an exhibitionist fantasy. Not that I wanted to expose myself  to watchers per se, but the idea that someone from any of the windows across the courtyard could be watching me was somewhat arousing.

Most days I thought nothing of it. I changed in the room or walked around half dressed without care. But in bed this morning, with the sun on my skin and the songs of the birds below, I just felt like someone was watching me. Across the courtyard, two floors up, an older man was peering out of his window while drinking his morning coffee, and while I couldn’t be certain, I had the distinct feeling that his eyes were on me. 

I’m not sure what came over me, but laying in bed feeling the heat of his gaze, I pushed the blanket down below my knees, revealing my lace white panties. A quick flip of my silky, dark hair covered most of my breasts, no doubt giving him a peek before it concealed them. A breeze came through and my semi-exposed nipples hardened, pointing through the coverage of my long tresses. I quickly pinched my left nipple and then grabbed my breast, comforted by its weight and softness.

I felt deliciously devilish, having never looked directly in his direction, but knowing all the same he was drinking in the sight of my tight, young body highlighted by the sunlight of the morning, an intimate sight through the portal of my windows. I could already feel the wetness soaking through my panties. I wanted to grab my trusty “Mr. Blue” vibrator from the nightstand and fuck it to a squirting orgasm, but I decided against it. “Don’t rush, make it last,” I thought.

My headboard opposite the windows, feet outstretched towards the sunlight coming through the windows, I rolled onto my stomach, arching my back and giving a full view of my round ass, only partly covered with the cheeky rear of my hipsters. I wanted to look back and catch him watching, but I resisted. It was more fun this way, presenting myself without knowing who was watching. Feeling exposed and excited. By now my clit was throbbing, begging to be touched. The wetness was growing, soaking my panties and matting up my pubic hair. 

I grabbed my phone and pretended to scroll through it, wiggling my ass a little, imagining his cock growing in his pants as he watched my ass jiggle under the white lace. Would he touch himself? Maybe he wasn’t alone, and so he’d have to just watch without the opportunity for release. I wondered if I could make him cum even without touching himself, just by the sight of me. God that would be so fucking hot.

Another gentle breeze came through the window, sweeping up my legs and blowing kisses on my now saturated panties. The coolness made me shudder. My soaking pussy begged for attention. My clit was so engorged it practically poked through the lace. It was both torturous and tantalizing, this little game I was playing with my Watcher. I wondered which of us had it worse.

I turned back onto my back and squeezed both of my breasts, pinching my nipples. I grabbed my left breast, brought the nipple to my mouth, and bit down hard. When I got hot like this, I needed a little pain with my pleasure. I could practically feel my wetness growing. 

Spreading my legs wide, my left nipple pinched between my fingers, I reached my right hand down into my panties and pushed through the dark, wet hair, enjoying the warmth and slickness. I spread the wetness across the soft lips of my pussy, long soft strokes up and down but avoiding my clit. The build-up was tremendous. I continued to pinch and squeeze my heavy breasts with my left hand while fingering and teasing my clit with the right.

Forming a v with my pointer and middle fingers, I pinched my clit between them and glided my fingers up and down. I loved the sensation of the indirect pressure, squeezing my clit from both sides without directly rubbing the head. I wanted to make it last, but I knew at this rate I’d cum quickly.

I remembered my Watcher. With my panties still on, he wasn’t getting a full view. By now the head of his cock would be covered in precum, and he still hadn’t seen my pussy in all its glory. I stopped what I was doing, stripped my lacy whites off, and spread my legs wide again, in full view of the windows. I slapped my pussy a couple of times, hearing the sounds of wetness and feeling little splashes each time. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten this wet by myself.

I had a decision to make: should I finger myself to orgasm or fuck Mr. Blue? I was so close I could easily cum with just my fingers. But to fuck Mr. Blue would be a real show, allowing my Watcher to imagine his cock pistoning in and out of me. And as wet as I was, I wouldn’t even need lube. The decision was made.

I reached into the nightstand and retrieved my substitute boyfriend. He was baby blue with sparkles all over, about 7 inches long with the perfect ridge on the head that always drove me to orgasm. While I’d tried other vibrators many times before, something about Mr. Blue’s ridge always had me coming back when I needed the job done right.

Holding the base of his shaft, I put the head of his cock in my mouth, salivating sloppily and lubing him up. This was as much for my Watcher’s entertainment as my own. Then I dragged him down my stomach until the head was at the top of my pussy. I stroked him along my slit a few times, picking up even more lubrication. My pussy was aching with excitement. I smacked him across my pussy, feeling the weight of him against me and causing me to moan out. I bit my lip.

Guiding him towards my entrance, I teased my hole. I was already fully ready to engulf him, but when you have an audience, you must keep up the theatrics. After I’d had enough of the teasing, I gripped the balls tightly, pushed the head right up against my hole, and plunged all 7 inches of him deep inside me. I moaned out loudly, my entire body tensing as it adjusted to accommodate Mr. Blue. Holding him deep inside me, I stroked my clit with my other hand. I knew I didn’t have much left. A few hard plunges and I was going to cum all over Mr. Blue.

Holding him by the balls, I fucked Mr. Blue slowly and methodically. I lifted the fingers off my clit and brought it to my mouth, tasting my sweetness before going back to stroking my now begging clit. I increased the pace of my fucking, lifting my ass off the bed to meet Mr. Blue’s thrusts. Oh, what a show it must have been. 

Knowing I was going to cum soon, I rolled over onto my hands and knees, put my face in my pillow, and continue fucking Mr. Blue with my ass in the air. The angle was a little weird, but I was already so close it didn’t matter, and I wanted my Watcher to get a full view of my pretty little asshole and my wet pussy getting fucked to orgasm. 

As my orgasm built up, my legs shook. I fucked Mr. Blue hard and stroked my clit like it was a little cock ready to blow. When the first wave hit, I felt a strong gush squirt out of me, hitting the bed and splashing on my shaking thighs. I kept pumping. Wave after wave, squirt after squirt, I kept coming and coming, thinking of my Watcher and the divine moment we were sharing. 

After the last wave subsided, I collapsed onto the bed, legs spread, pussy spent, wetness everywhere, aftershocks continuing to pulse through my pussy into the rest of my body. As much as I wanted to look back and give my Watcher a smile, I decided not to ruin it. I closed my eyes and rode ecstatic waves of bliss, cool breezes continuing to wash over me, the sun warming my skin and the fragrances of the cherry blossoms below bathing me. The excitement of my windows and my Watcher had brought me to one of the most enjoyable orgasms of my life. 

Before I drifted off to sleep, a realization swept over me; it wasn’t just a fantasy anymore. I was an exhibitionist.

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