Sex, Love, and Marriage…

That’s what this site is all about.

Curated by a straight, monogamous, married couple in the United States, FirstComesLove includes personal stories, discussions about a wide range of sexual topics, erotic stories (fiction and non-fiction), the relationship between sex and marriage, and pretty much everything else on the topic of sex, love, relationships, and marriage. Long story short, it’s a sex blog.

In exploring sex blogs and the sex-positive community in general, I’ve found very little representation from straight males in committed relationships who were not also PhDs in Psychology with a focus on Sex and Relationships. Being a straight, married male practically obsessed with sex and willing to learn and absorb all related knowledge voraciously, I’ve decided the best way to channel my obsession while also benefiting others is to create this blog and community.

The wife and I have been in this relationship for 15 years, married for nearly 10. We are in our early 30s, which means we’ve been with each other for nearly half our life. We’ve had the ups and downs, and by practicing radical honesty and full transparency, we’ve spent the past few years really dialing into what works for us, benefits each other, and fulfills us. We aren’t so naive as to think that we can provide EVERYTHING the other needs, or that neither of us will make a mistake. But we are laying the framework to overcome the things that lie ahead and to continue on the journey of our relationship together. We plan to grow old together. And to have a lot of great, fun sex. What we learn along the way, we want to share with you, with hopes that it helps you on your journey to a lifetime of fun, great sex, and fulfilling love.

About TheHusband

I’m a graduate educated professional with a 9-to-5 job in healthcare (not related to sex or relationships in any way). Unfortunately, this doesn’t lend itself to sharing my identity. That’s why I’ll refer to myself as “The Husband.” I’m too much of a perfectionist to come up with a fitting pen name. And since I manage the blog myself, when my wife contributes, she’ll use the author name TheWife.

I’m not a credentialed expert in sex or relationships. My experience is more like a one-man (or two with TheWife) experiment in relationships, love, marriage, sex, parenting, navigating a career, and somehow still maintaining a sense of self or individuality. I also tend to have a one-track mind, so this blog is an outlet so that my wife doesn’t have to deal with all the going-ons in my head.

I’m sure internet experts can find out who I am. If you know who I am, I request that you keep it to yourself. By not self-identifying, I have the freedom to share and be 100% honest, without burdening my friends, family, and professional colleagues with the intimate details of my relationship and sex life. And given my professional career, and the responsibility I have to support my family, identifying myself creates conflict that would ruin my motivation to contribute here. If you like what I’m doing here and want to see more, respect my anonymity. If you’d like to contact me, please do so here.

About TheWife

The wife is just a little younger than me. She has a budding career in healthcare and is also an aspiring novelist. Much of her contribution to our discussions will be in the form of TheWife’s Perspective as we explore subjects of interest to her. She may also dabble in writing erotic short stories from time to time.