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On Having Crushes While Married


Crushes happen. They aren’t inherently good or bad. They are just a product of our evolutionary biology, a set of psychological and physiological processes aimed at priming ourselves for the potential mating ritual required for the furtherment of our species. In fact, I’d venture they are absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind. The Wife and I have both experienced crushes throughout our...

The Windows


The windows opened to a beautiful courtyard garden surrounded by windows into other people’s flats. The cherry blossoms were blooming, and the wonderful fragrance wafted into the bedroom. Yellow rays of morning sunshine kissed the blanket, warming it. Most nights I slept with the windows wide open, allowing the breeze of the evening air to lull me to sleep.

20 Reasons Married Sex is the Best Sex


TheWife and I have been married for 10 years. We’ve been together exclusively for 15. And we’re in our 30s, so obviously we’ve spent nearly all of our adult years together. My experience, along with that of my closest friends, has convinced me that married sex is the best sex. There are 3 big reasons: Emotions, Ease, and Opportunity. Allow me to explain.

Top 8 Smartphone Apps to Stimulate Her Erotic Mind


The fastest way to arouse a man is often by physical touch. Think about it. You could be eating dinner and if your woman reaches under the table and starts stroking your cock through your pants, it will spring into action, and within moments dinner is no longer the most important task at hand. But if you think doing the same thing to her would (or should) be met with the same response, you’re...

Sexiest Music Videos to Get Things Started – R&B & HipHop Edition


There are plenty of great go-to sexy songs when you want to set the mood. Unfortunately, the sexiest songs don’t always come with the sexiest music videos. And some of us like the visual stimulation to move things in the right direction. Don’t fret though, cause we’ve got you covered. Below are the sexiest music videos R&B and hip-hop have to offer (other genres coming soon).

Our Sexual Vocabulary


Everyone has their own sexual vocabulary. Maybe you prefer more clinical terms like penis, vagina, and sexual intercourse. Or perhaps you’re a fan of slang and colloquials like cock, pussy, and fucking. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it will give you insights into our sexual vocabulary and what we use to describe sex. This is just the basics. As the site progresses and we...